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“I’ll Be Seeing You” Concert

On Thursday March 8th at 7 p.m. in the auditorium, the Evans High School choral department will be performing its Winter Concert called “I’ll Be Seeing You” which features many songs from the World War II era that honor our nation’s military forces.  The choral department has been hard at work while preparing for this performance, and this concert has come with a new special addition to its program.  The Evans High School choirs and The Augusta Richmond County Historical Society (ARCHS) have worked together to honor many of the veterans who served their country while fighting in World War II.

The Augusta Richmond County Historical Society is a part of the national Veteran’s History Project, and as a result of participating in this project the ARCHS wrote a book that compiles the work of over eight hundred interviews with people in the Augusta area.  This book is called In Their Own Words: Augusta and Aiken Area Veterans Remember World War II.  During this upcoming concert, Evans High School has the honor of presenting some video interviews from these brave soldiers that were collected by the Veteran’s History Project while also having the privilege of having four heroic World War II veterans in attendance to this concert.  The veterans in attendance include: Richard Kraig, Paul Harless, Jack Kendall, and George Waddell.

This concert aims to send a message from our generation to the generation of brave soldiers and protectors of our country.  We thank you for your service.  Without your sacrifice we would not be able to live and grow in this country that was won for freedom in your footsteps, in your trials, and in your service.  You will never be forgotten, and your testimony will live on in our lives as we strive to grow our nation on the strong foundation of “America, the beautiful” that you have planted.

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Flower of Love

I’m Courtney, and I’m writing about the fact that it’s alright to be single on Valentines Day. Sometimes you even get really lucky on that day. Love is strong and painful, but people survive. On the day of love it is alright to not have a loved one. You have your friends beside you to get through everything together.

Valentine’s Day does give every body the chance of discovering love. For now, I’m going to tell you about my experience this special Valentine’s Day. 

February 14th, 2018

My favorite flower is a carnation. I feel like it spreads love around. I see many people getting flowers from the ones they love, and then there’s me. No boy will get me a flower because no boy has a crush on me. My friends of course love me, but I have no boy that likes me. I walked from class to class, and then during lunch I got a flower from a girl. She said “Courtney Smith?” “Yes?” I said “This is for you” She handed me the flower.  The flower was a carnation and it had a note saying “Will you go out with me if you find out who I am?” then all my friends said “Oooo, Courtney got a boyfriend” I blushed, but I was trying to find out who would send this. I know that no boys have a crush on me. Lunch was over, so I went to class. There was a note on my desk saying “Here’s a hint, you’ve known me since we were two. I have one class with you, and I have lived near you for a long time” I thought and someone came to mind, but would he actually get me this, would he? The last bell rung. I tried to find him, but I didn’t. Instead, I texted him, “Where are you? I need to ask a question.” He replied with, “Meet me outside in the school garden” I walked to the garden to him standing there looking at the carnations. “Hey” I said to get his attention “Hey” he said. I walked over and asked “Did you give me this flower?” I showed him the flower, “Yes, I did” he said stepping closer to me “Why?” I said. He replied with “What? Can’t I give the girl I like a flower for the special day?” I froze. I replayed what he said. I repeated, “You like me?” in confusion. “Yes I do. I have liked you for a while, but I never got the courage to say it. Are you nervous?” “Yes, and I don’t want us to lose our friendship” “I see well, I like you too, and I know that we will be friends forever” I said to reassure him “Good” he said and he kissed me. I actually had someone who liked me. I found someone who loved me for me. I actually like Valentine’s Day for one year.

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A Touch of Raspberries

This story is about a deaf girl and a bully. The bully starts to fall in love with the girl. Despite her differences, he falls for her, and he can’t figure out why. This short story reflects on how love shines through even if you don’t see it. Will he choose her over being cool, or will things turn the other way around? Being deaf is nothing to joke about, will he realize it?

Author’s Note:

If you are sensitive about the deaf community, pause here. You don’t have to read this story if you don’t want to. This story is based on a manga/anime titled, “Koe No Katachi,” or “A Silent Voice/The Shape of Voice.” I changed many things about it so it doesn’t copy the “A Silent Voice,” exactly. I claim no rights to the creation of “Koe No Katachi” or “A Silent Voice/The Shape of Voice.”


It all started when I was a young boy. As young as fourteen, I was the most popular kid in the ninth grade. Everyone was my friend, and I was known as, “Junior” to everyone. Even my teachers called me that. My real name is Oscar Lanbridge, and this is the story of how my life changed forever. It started when I was on my way to second period. This was my science class which was secretly my favorite class. At the time, you wouldn’t have caught me saying I loved it because it wasn’t “cool.” My friends yelled to me when I walked in. “Ay, Junior,” my friend Alec said. “You got your homework?” he asked me. I was always the person to my have my homework done because I actually liked doing it. I nodded my head and gave it to him. “Attention everyone,” the teacher said to us. “We have a new student and she’s very special.” All the students rose their eyebrows. Alec nudged my shoulder, “She?” She came into the room, and she was really pretty. The teacher wrote down something on this notebook she carried. The girl nodded and flipped the page. She wrote something down flipped it over. On her paper it said, “Hello everyone, my name is Faya.” Everyone was wondering why she wrote this on paper and didn’t say it. We were wondering why this blue eyed, brunette was not speaking a word. It was like the teacher could read our thoughts. “This is Faya Mayweather and she is completely deaf.” When the teacher finished her sentence, everyone starting chatting amongst one another. The teacher looked over at me, “Faya will be sitting in front of you Junior.” I rolled my eyes, “Okay whatever.” I was trying to be cool in front of my friends, pretending like I could care less about her. That wasn’t the case though, I wanted to know her even if she is deaf. After writing on her notebook, she nodded and sat in the seat in front of me. As the teacher was talking, he wrote down everything on the board so Faya could follow along. She wrote down everything, and she looked like she was listening more than anyone else. Her beauty is astounding and her quiet breaths were tranquil. As my gaze on her started to fall deeper, my other friend Matthew tapped me on the back. I turned around and saw that he had something in his hand. “Hey Junior, I dare you to throw this in her hair,” he was holding his gum that he just finished chewing. “Why don’t you do it?” I asked him. “C’mon, are you a chicken,” he started imitating a chicken, and people around us started laughing. Everyone in classroom started to be in a pit of laughter, except Faya. “Silence,” the teacher said turning around. “Yes sir,” we all said in unison. When the teacher starting writing on the board again, I turned around to Matthew. “I ain’t no chicken,” grabbing the gum I threw it in her hair with no hesitation. Alec and Matthew started to crack themselves up, and my other friends Chris and Drew started to board the same laughter train. Faya was struggling to get it out of her hair and I felt so bad. For the sake of being cool, I didn’t help her. The smiles started to arise again. Our teacher turned around once again and saw what had happened. The gum was completely stuck at the bottom of her hair. She was only making it worse by clawing at it. The teacher tried to help her but decided to just send her to the office. I came along with her. She took her notebook with her, and we went off to the office together. It was quiet when we were walking until she decided to write something on her paper. It said, “Who threw the gum? Do you know?” I pointed to myself and told her I was sorry in sign language. Her eyes lit up and she asked me something in sign language. She signed to me, “You know sign language?” I nodded and started telling her how my seven year-old sister Isabelle is deaf, and so I learned through my mom. She laughed and told me that was adorable. We finally made it to the office, and I told them what happened. The nurse helped her into the nurse’s office. The principal pulled me into her office and talked to me. I’ll never forget this talk for as long as I live. “Come sit down,” Principal Jones said to me. I sat down, and waited for her to talk again. She stared at me for a while then started talking. “Are you sure you are the one who threw the gum?” The fact that she asked me that stunned me. I nodded. She rose her eyebrow, “I’m surprised.” “Why?” I asked not knowing what she was talking about. The principal walked over and stood in front of me. “You walked in laughing with her. It didn’t seem at all like you would do that to her.” My eyes widened. “You didn’t want to do it, did you?” She asked me. I looked down and felt guilt flowing in my veins. “I thought so. You don’t have to do this or be here right now. You care about that girl, you wouldn’t hurt her. I know about your sister, and I know you are familiar with the deaf community.” She continued on, “Think to yourself, hurting the ones you hold dear could crush a soul in pieces.” I felt a drop in my heart as the words kept flying at me. “You’re not in trouble. Just think about it.” We finished talking, and I walked out. I went to the nurse’s office to check on Faya. She was nowhere in sight, and I only saw the nurse. “Where’s Faya?” I asked. She looked over at me coldly, “Thanks to someone she went home to try to get that gum out.” I nodded and was about to head back to class. “Ya know,” the nurse continued, “bullying a deaf girl isn’t cool.” I nodded once more and walked back. Over the next few days, my friends kept pressuring me to throw more gum and spit balls at her. I told them no, and they rolled their eyes at me. They kept bullying her and stopped talking to me because they thought that I was lame. When Faya came back her hair was shorter. Even so she was still beautiful. She became my only friend, and I loved being with her. I was happy but there was a downside. Being the ex-friend of Alec, Matthew, Chris, and Drew dragged me into being bullied with Faya. They kept blaming me, and I would get detention.  Eventually Faya’s father was tired of it and pulled her out of school. The day before she was going to move. She and I spent the entire day together. She brought food for a picnic. We went to Yerny Park and sat under the oak trees. “Would did you bring?” I asked her. She held up her hands and began to sign, “I brought all of my favorites.” She picked up a tub of raspberries and opened it. She lifted up her hands, “These are my absolute favorite.” I smiled and slightly blushed. I realized the situation. This whole time I had tried to ignore it. She’s going to leave me, and I was about to cry. She noticed my teary eyes and reach towards the raspberries. As she placed the raspberry in my mouth, she held up her hands. “Don’t worry, know that….I love you” she signed those heavenly words. I couldn’t believe it. Faya was getting a call when I was about to respond. She kept nodding and looked like she was about to cry. She started to sign, “I have to go, but this isn’t goodbye forever though.” “It isn’t,” I said back. I never saw her after that until yesterday. I am now a junior in college. I was at Panera Bread as this beautiful girl walked in. I thought I recognized her, but I shrugged it off. Throughout the rest of high school, I always thought about her. I thought I’d never see her again. The beautiful girl walked out and towards me. She placed down her bagel on my table and lifted her hands up. I looked up and soon realized. “Oscar, is that really you,” The girl signed to me. I lifted up my hands, “Faya, you’re here.” A miracle happened, and I had never thought that it would. We talked the entire day, and she went home at seven. She told me something that day. “You know, I have a baby brother who dealt with bullying, and I helped him through it,” she said. “That’s amazing. I wish I were like you,” I respond. She glared at me as she held up a tub of something. Raspberries. “Remember from our picnic.” I nodded and grabbed one. “You helped me through the bullying in the ninth grade,” she signed to me. From that point on, I started to help my sister and other kids who were bullied. Faya and I both helped so many and soon got married after college. Faya is a special education teacher, and I’m a biologist. Our lives changed for the better. I’ve learned a lot from her as she once learned from me.

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The Letter of Strength

I’m writing about how losing someone can be hard, but they want you to be strong for them. You can be strong and brave. Stay with the people that are always there for you. Stay by their side even if they are not there physically. They can watch over you from far away or close by.

Sarah was walking home from school, and once I walked in the door I saw that mom was on the phone crying. I asked “What’s wrong mom?” She got off the phone, looked at me and said “Nothing sweetie, how was your day?” “It was good, but I know your are lying” “Its nothing”, so I went to my room and did my homework. My dad texted me saying “I have something to tell you Sarah” “What is it?”, I asked “Your grandmother has cancer” when he sent that I just froze. That’s why mom was crying. Grandma or the hospital called her and told her that she has cancer.  I text back “How do you know?” he replied “I found out two days ago” “Well is she ok?!” I asked worried. “Yes she’s fine” “Ok, when can I go see her” “I don’t know yet” “Ok” I cried that my grandmother had something that could take her away from me forever. I couldn’t sleep, so I woke up to see mom and dad in the kitchen talking. “Get dressed Sarah” my mom said. “Why?” I asked “We are going to visit grandma” my dad said, and I raced upstairs. Once we got to her hospital room, I ran and hugged her tight. “Sarah, my dear” “Grandma!” We talked for a while. My mom and dad were asking the doctor some questions. I guess that I didn’t really pay attention because I was with grandma. While grandma was talking, she stopped breathing and started to convulse, so I yelled for doctors and nurses to come help. They got there. While they were trying to save her my mom pulled me out of the room. I was crying thinking that she was being taken away from me and that I was going to lose her.  An hour later, the doctors came out and told us that she didn’t make it. My heart ached. Then one of the doctors handed me a note saying, “This was from her to you” I grabbed it and read it. It said:

Dear Sarah,
I know I don’t have much time to live in this world anymore, but I want to tell you that I love you with all my heart. It’s time for me to leave and go to a beautiful world. I want you to stay strong for me ok? I know that you are a strong and brave girl and nothing can hold you back. I’m sorry that I had to leave you so soon, but it is my time. Tell your parents that I love them so much. Have fun at school dear. I hope the rest of your high school years will be filled with joy and cheer. Maybe you will get a boyfriend. It would be nice for you to have someone that close to you that loves you for you as I always will. Love Grandma”

I cried so hard that I couldn’t see the note anymore. I was so heart broken that she had left me forever. I’m going to stay strong and brave for myself and for her. Ever since the day I got her note, I’ve been stronger than ever before. If bullies tried to bully me, they would leave me alone afterwards, and if I fall I get right back up. In the tenth grade year, I got a boyfriend by being strong brave for myself. Every night before I go to bed, I read her note like a bedtime story.

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What is Friedreich’s Ataxia?

You may be wondering based on the title, “Yeah, what is Friedreich’s Ataxia?” Well, it is a simple answer about a very complex and difficult problem. Friedreich’s Ataxia (Well known as FA) is a genetic disorder that is very rare in many cases. It is an autosomal recessive gene, meaning that it is not visibly present in all carriers, but can be transferred to a person’s offspring. If two parents both have the recessive gene, they would have a 1 in 4 chance of passing it to their child. As a breakdown of the name, “Friedreich’s” is to credit the doctor that discovered the genetic disease, and “Ataxia” is of Latin origin meaning “without order.”

The symptoms vary based on the patient, but some symptoms are more rare than others. The most commonly seen symptoms include:

  • Difficulty walking
  • Loss of balance
  • Weak or stiff muscles in arms and legs
  • Lack of coordination
  • Difficulty sensing vibrations on legs and feet
  • Heart problems (palpitations, larger muscle size, shortness of breath, etc.)
  • Eventual loss of mobility in legs and possibly arms (Paralysis)

There are other symptoms that can occur, but they are much more rare or only show in later adulthood. These rare symptoms include loss of hearing, slurred speech, diabetes, and heart murmurs. Most people who have FA see the first signs around puberty or before they turn eighteen. It can also, but very uncommonly, lie dormant until their thirties to forties.

Now, here is another question that you may have, “Why are you writing about this?” Well, if any of you know me, my girlfriend, who does not attend our school, actually has this disorder. Her symptoms began showing around two years ago. I met her over a year ago and fully got to know her in the past two months when we started dating. She began to tell me about her condition, so I have been learning more and more about it as well. I just wanted to get the word out to an audience of any magnitude, so thank you for your attention. If you feel that you can contribute to the cause, I will leave a link at the end of this article. The charity will aim to cure the disease, and so far it has been able to discover a way to delay the symptoms for up to a year at the most. The more they can be funded to research, the more they can cure this disease, along with fixing other muscular disorders. Thank you very much for reading and any help if you provide! Link: https://www.charitynavigator.org/index.cfm?bay=search.summary&orgid=12621

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Life Experiences: Part 1

This is a short series that I am writing about the things I notice in everyday life. The writing may seem kind of vague and may be hard to follow, but that is because it is open for interpretation and I will offer an explanation in the next part.

Red, green, and blue are the first colors to greet the moment I open my eyes. Everything begins to brighten the bleak world around me. I would much rather stay here with these lights much safer than my friends to keep me company. Before I know it the sun breaks away the haze I’ve fallen into. So I get up from my warm nest to fight the cold on the way to my next big challenge. I get in line behind all the others trudging along to beat our greatest trial of our lives we only think that because its all we know, have no idea what happens after, we don’t know the real struggle. Once again I follow the line of bodies through the door that has held us for our entire life, more than our parents have.



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This class is my absolute favorite class. Of course, there are mostly seniors in my class because Mythology accounts for your Hope GPA, and it looks really good. I didn’t actually know this when I was looking for classes last year. I really am interested in Mythology, and I really love this class. So far we have learned about Greek and Roman mythology. We watch a lot of movies, and sometimes we have questions. A lot of fun projects go along with being in this class. Students are allowed to help each other when they need it. This class is definitely my favorite. I always look forward to it every day.



Humans: Social Creatures

One of the worst situations for a human to be in is isolation. It is human nature to be social. Even if it is only a companionable silence. The way that the brain is hard wired makes it dangerous-almost futile- for someone to go so long alone. Short periods alone are alright- everyone needs a little quiet, but after a certain amount of time, our brains will begin to become weird, in the instance that we begin to think “weird.” This can be very dangerous, which is why you should never isolate someone just because you can. A simple interaction could stop someone from going too far down a road that they can’t come back from. After all “I walk the lonely road…and I walk alone” (Greenday).

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Valentine’s Day Dance

On February the 9th, we had a Valentine’s Day Dance. It was nicely decorated and beautiful. They had a setup for pictures to be taken. All the tables and a glass bowl were full of little golden orbs and lots and lots of petals. They had balloons around, those were immediately popped within the first hour, very few survived the night. At 6, there were about 8 kids waiting to get in, and by the end of the night there were about 60 students. There was a dance off between two people, it was fierce. They were dancing like no tomorrow. It was an amazing sight to see. The Valentine’s Day Dance was a huge success!


Valentine’s Day

Comedic/ Emotional

Time to talk  about this lonely, lonely day. Except if you have a boyfriend or girlfriend, if so, congrats to you. *cries in the corner* It’s hard for some people to live this day without being jealous of other couples.  If you are me, you care a little but live your best life at the same time. You know what they say, “if life gives you lemons, throw them away and find some oranges.” Also known as if life throws an obnoxious lovey dovey holiday your way and you are a lonely pickle, skip the day and find something sweeter to you.  To the people who have something, CONGRATS MY DUDE YOU ARE LOVED, just kidding. Being serious though, I am happy for you. If you are happy, I am too. I’ve seen so many people at the school who carry stuffed animals, candy, and/or flowers. Some people (like mwah) envy them and want a huge stuffed sloth. (Not even joking, I saw someone carry a stuffed sloth and I was in awwww.) Love is a joyful, amazing emotion and I truly hope everyone finds their true love some day. It may be hard but every outstanding person deserves an outstanding partner. Black, White, Asian, Latino. Tall, short, skinny, fun-sized. Girl, Boy, whatever you identify as. Straight, gay, bisexual, pansexual, and other forms of the LGBTQIA community. Every person with a beautiful personality deserves the world. Even if most of the world tries to bring you down, know at least there is one person out there who will love, care, and cherish you with all of their hearts.