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5 Second Messages

It passed by in less than a second. I could barely even see it before it was gone, drowned in the joy and care of those who love me. But it was too late, I already saw it, it already hurts. When I go back to try and find it, it is already gone. But I still saw it, I still know what it says, what it means. I know I should ignore it, that it’s not true. So many thoughts but this one will not let me go. Just those 5 seconds they took to hurt me, I keep thinking on it for 5 minutes, 5 days, even 5 years. Yet, not one meant to help me and to say what they mean can silence that one second when someone took those 5 seconds to tear me apart.

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Mrs. Kelly


Ms. Kelly is a wonderful lady who has been apart of our EHS staff since March of 2018. She is a kind women who is lead by her faith. One of her catchphrases is “some people are just born to serve.” She likes talking to people and believes that respect comes from all ages. Her biggest pet peeve is cleaning the bathroom but she does say that cleaning the lunchroom is not hard to clean as there are certain tasks for each person. Along with those jobs, there are rotations to clean around the school. She worked at MCG for 10 years before coming to Evans. The reason she moved was because she wanted to be closer to her children. She has 4 kids and 8 grand kids, with the youngest being around a month and the oldest is 17. When she arrived to Evans, she was very thankful for the welcoming atmosphere and said that her faith was what drove her to do and accomplish everything that she has.

Poetry and Stories

Where Have We Gone?

Note: This is a poem that reflects the world in some people’s eyes. It is not intended to be factual or represent everyone. It is meant to showcase my thoughts and feelings and hope some can relate.



Where Have We Gone?


It’s that time to live and let live

go and let go 

search dont be searched

find urself


love and let others love 

know the unknown 

give who needs to be given 

trust urself


its a wild world

we’re stuck in our own worlds

so much despair

wanna find the love


some people want me dead

say im crazy, out of my head

can the light be what we share 

rise above


madness, insanity

bitter integrity 

cant seem to depend on others

its eating me inside


silent and broken

the light is being stolen

can we stand together 

at least shine on the outside


French or Spanish?

High schools all over the U.S. offer a wide variety of electives that students can take in order to get credits for graduation. Among those electives are foreign language classes. The most common foreign languages found in high schools are French and Spanish. Up coming freshman may not know which language fits them best, so naturally most people pick Spanish thinking it will be the easiest of the two. The real question is how difficult or easy is each of these languages to teach, and/or learn and why?

Mrs. Levi is a Spanish teacher, and has been teaching for five years now. Evans High is truly blessed to have her with us. If she did not pursue her dream to become a teacher, she would have become an accountant. She was encouraged to become a Spanish teacher because she feels that it is very important to know a variety of languages. According to Mrs. Levi, more people in the south speak Spanish, so more people take the class. Mrs. Levi also claimed that more people worldwide speak Spanish than they do French. She says the most important thing to remember when learning Spanish is to open up your mind and allow the language to speak to you. Mrs. Levi has made goals for her students and she really wants to see them grow through the years in her class.

Zach Kendrick, a sophomore, claimed he took Spanish because, ” It sounded easier than French would be”. He sometimes has a hard time with the language, but t can be agreed that some standards are harder to understand than others. The main struggle Zach has faced so far this year is understanding his teacher, Mrs. Levi, because of her accent.

Mrs. Hopkins, a French teacher who studied at Harlem High, has been teaching for twenty three years. She was encouraged to teach by her college professor and her mother who always thought she had a love for learning languages. If Mrs. Hopkins did not become a teacher, she would be a news anchor right now, but luckily for us she fell madly in love with the language. She believes that most people take French because of the zoning. She claims that since we are near Mexico more people will speak Spanish, but she also said that if we were up north people would most likely take French over Spanish. An advantage of taking French is it helps you better understand where English gets most of its words. Mrs. Hopkins says that French and Spanish are fairly equal in some ways, but to the students who re signing up for French make sure to study and participate during class. ” It is a skill and takes time to learn”.

Savannah Hood, who is also a sophomore, is taking French. Her reasoning for taking French is, ” French is a cool culture, and our language originated from it”. She believes French is pretty easy to learn, but she also claims that Mrs. Hopkins pushes her to do her best. One major struggle she has with the language is learning French words that have more than one meaning.

The choice is yours. French and Spanish are very similar in some ways, but there will be obstacles no matter which way you go.



Blood Drive a Huge Success

You may know know that each donation during the drive can save three local lives, but you may not know that the EHS family will save 411 lives!  Donors gave one whole pint of blood to the cause.  The whole process takes about one  hour from start to finish, including refueling afterward to avoid becoming faint.  Needles, blood, and donating can be very scary, but according to the nurses, a paper cut or splinter is more painful than donating!  You also get a free t-shirt and biscuit to sweeten the deal.  If you missed out this time, you can join in on the fun on March 27.  Just remember to avoid caffeine and eat lots of protein the morning before!

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Chance Taylor – Student Athlete Spotlight

Watching the clock counting down the time may not be heart pounding for the audience, but for the players it’s all or nothing. Chance Taylor, a freshman at Evans, is a running back on both JV and Varsity football teams. Chance has been playing football since he was eight years old. His job as a running back is to block for pass plays, distract the other team members, and get yards for the team. So far this season he has played twice. One of his fears as a football player is letting the team down as well as the fans.

The varsity team had a bit of a set back this season, and nobody has a clue why the Knights could not win. Some blamed the coaches, some blamed the players, but when asked the question, “What is the issue with the team?” Chance said that there are less seniors, the starters get hurt, and there is an abundance of injuries throughout the team. There are twenty- two starters on the varsity team, and the team practices from 3 to 6 Monday through Wednesday.  They do a walk through on Thursday and of course on Friday they have the big game. Many people say that the team should practice more than they already do, but Chance says, “There is only so much you can do”.

Poetry and Stories

Listening to Rhythm of Life

Waited when the flowers sung

Sang when the harp was strung

Melody and the major key

You make me sing happily


The piano is on the high

My voice can be heard in the sky

Soprano singing with the bees

Lullaby of the wind and me


When I hear the bird’s song

I can’t help but whistle along

It’s a stream of music in the sea

My true colors shine when I sing


Through the day and through the night

Through the dark and through the light

My song heard through your body

You make me sing happily


Night School Movie Review

“Night School,” one of the most recent movies made by actor Kevin Hart. Even though in the trailers it may see catastrophic, wild, and crazy, the movie actually gives a valuable lesson. Kevin Hart and his co stars deliver an amazing performance backed up with humor and over an hour worth of enjoyment. Then with a twist it brings around the movie showing that even if you might not be what others consider smart you an still be smart in your own way. That no matter how many times you have to try eventually you will succeed because failure is just a part of life. The movie has a smooth flow of events and keeps audience member laughing and learning a valuable life lesson. The movie overall is a three and a half to four stars out of five.

Poetry and Stories


Nights are beautiful
Long to remember all the stars,
To see all the plants
If they come out,
Shy if they are
The whole night went by
Not thinking about tomorrow
But thinking about the night
We fell in love


Distant relationships

Distant relationships are not that fun. They always end maybe in a few weeks or a month at the least. (I say this since I’m in one myself but let’s not talk about that.) Distant relationships would work if you stay committed but sometimes that’s hard when you can’t hang out with the person and do the cheesy couple things. You wouldn’t be able to hold hands, kiss, cuddle, go on dates, go to the movies together, go to the park, or even go to the same school. It sucks being in one but if you really love the person you will stay committed and maybe you’ll meet in person. I’m not saying to be in one because that’s not a good idea but maybe if your in one and you feel like you can’t take it anymore just stay positive most of the time the distant relationships work out, and half the time they don’t and some people hate it or they like it. It’s okay to be in one though, you get to meet someone great in a different state or is a drive away but it sucks that you can’t be beside them. I’m saying all this because I have experience with distant relationships, all I had was distance. Everyone is probably going to say “that’s stupid or get someone at school,” well it’s hard for me but i don’t care I found someone great and we are doing awesome, even though we haven’t hung out we will because we both believe we will meet and hang out together at the park, movies, each other’s houses to watch Netflix or whatever. If you have faith I believe it will happen and your relationship will go on but they aren’t always great. So in the end distance sucks but at least you met someone great if the break up was on good terms if not then you wasted your time just like I did with my last two.