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The Freshly Unknown

It’s the moment you’ve been waiting for your whole life. The moment when you are no longer seen as a little child. The moment you are free to become whoever you want. The moment when everything changes. It all starts when you walk through those double doors. For this year’s freshmen that moment was just a few weeks ago. Many of us upperclassmen have forgotten just exactly how it feels to be freshmen. So what does it feel like?! One such student reports that it’s not as bad as they had originally thought. Though it can be overwhelming, having the right friends can make it that much easier. Another says it is an exciting adventure, and if they have issues, their teachers seem more than willing to help them. Maybe we help them too. Maybe we can forget the century old tradition on picking on the little kids on the block. Just every once in awhile offer up our wisdom or guidance to make Evans High all the more better. Just a thought.