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Comedy Corner

This article is full of jokes, riddles, puns, etc. Feel free to submit any yourself! The top jokes will be set in a certain category specifically for the most creative! Think of  whatever you can to add to the page and remember to always Laugh at Life! @LaL

Puns section:

  • What exercises do lazy people do (aside from none, duh)- Answer = Diddly-squats!
  • What animal likes to lay on faces? Answer = A Chin-Chilla!
  • What has a spine and can stand up for itself but not speak up? Answer = A book!
  • What did the flower tell the younger flower while exercising? Answer = Keep petal-ing!
  • What time should you schedule a dentist appointment? Answer = Tooth-Hurty!
  • Where do cows go on the weekends? Answer = The moo-vies!
  • What do you call a belt made of watches? Answer = A waist of time
  • What did the blood vessel say to the other blood vessel when they made a promise to each other? Answer- “This wasn’t said in vain, you better keep your word!”