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Book Review Week 1: Wintersong

Hey there! My name is Mady and starting this week I’ll be doing a weekly book review. I do tend to read just one type of book, but I’ll try to get a variety in there and I apologize in advance if you think I’m doing too much of my personal preference. Hope you enjoy!

Okay, so this first book is one of my absolute favorites, Wintersong by S. Jae-Jones. So the whole premise of the book is that it’s a retelling of The Labyrinth, that old 80’s movie with David Bowie and off-brand Muppets in it. It takes in Ye-Olden Days in Germany, when Christianity was popular but the few people who made it to old age remember the pagan stories they grew up. Liesl, our heroine, is an aspiring composer who hides it from her family because she thinks she’s supposed to be more focused on making her younger brother get accepted as a famous musician’s apprentice. The Goblin King, who is surprisingly a childhood friend of Liesl’s, tricks Liesl into becoming his bride and she must find a way to escape the Goblin Kingdom before her life is literally sucked out of her.

This is a great book if you like retold fairy tales, old settings, and love stories (shhh, spoilers). I don’t recommend this book if you don’t have the patience for flowery language and continual interruptions to the story itself or like a lot of action( don’t worry, I’ll do one for y’all too). It’s kind of heartbreaking and doesn’t have the traditional happy ending, but it’s really an amazing book.


See you next week!