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Capstone: The Senior Project from a Newcomer’s Perspective


Okay, so I just moved here and this school is pretty great. Huge and loud and a little overwhelming, but pretty great. The only thing I’m not really liking so far is that whole Capstone senior project. Now, moving for your senior year is bad enough, but to get to your new school and have this giant, year-long project that you know nothing about and still have to do is kind of scary.

From what I’ve gathered it’s this big project with a research paper and a mentor and some kind of product. I think there’s like a panel of judges that we have to present it to, which is frankly super terrifying. So at this point, I’m super confused about the details and just really glad my teacher is one of the few who sets the due date  for the different parts as what they actually are instead of earlier like most teachers.

I think this whole thing is really confusing and weird and definitely unnecessary. I’ll muddle my way through it and, hopefully, eventually get a good handle on it, but this whole process as definitely not designed for someone just moving here from out of state.