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Adventure for your mind and ears

Begs you to sing along

Calms you in the darkest of times

Drifts you from the scary world

Excites and energizes you

Finds you when you’re lost

Grounds you when you’re wandering

Heals you when you’re broken


Is a pillar of support

Jumpstarts your day

Kills the bad thoughts in your mind

Lifts your spirits

Moves you in a way nothing else can

Never ceases to make you feel better

Opens your brain and heart

Picks you up when you’re down


Quiets the rapid thoughts in your head

Recharges when you’re low on energy Strengthens you for a fight ahead

Turns your day around

Understands your situation

Vividly paints a picture in your mind

Welcomes you at the first chord

X’s out all the negativity

Yields positivity to your soul

Zaps you into another world