A Project for Better Journalism chapter

The Little Guys

The world is big for the little guys. Take me for example, I am Christopher, a moss plant. For me life growing up on trees is like a world from a fairy tale that I hear about those giant animals, I think their called humans, talk about. You know the one about the humongous plant that goes to the sky. Anyway enough with the stories. In the beginning, I was just a small little plant on a small little tree. There were others around me, of course, but we were small so there was room for all of us. It wouldn’t always be that way though. After a while, we got to big to share the same tree so we had to fight for the right to stay. When everyone started turning on everyone, it makes me feel sad that we can’t go back to how it was in the beginning. The tree that I called home did eventually get bigger. As that time came, I started to realize that the world around me changes to. In the darkness little bugs come out and light up the world, sort of like the lights in the dark blanket wrapped around the world when the daylight fades. Squirrels and other creatures play in the trees and it looks like fun. Though the best part is getting to watch the humans live their crazy lives.