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The Story Behind Bilingual Education and Colleges’ Opinion

School systems offer bilingual education. Students who don’t speak another language get a chance to know another language. However, foreign students are being indirectly led to stray from their origin’s language and more towards English in our society.┬áColleges┬ástarted accepting students that took a foreign language, but colleges will not accept people that aren’t fluid in English. Colleges will accept those who LEARNED a foreign language and not one who is fluid. The students get the incentive to take a foreign language just to go to college.
Colleges should look more at their overall grades instead of seeing if they passed math and science. Students take courses that they feel they could benefit from, but they are required to take classes that show they are good hard working students. The classes students take come with stress. If the school can lessen the work for students, it’ll have less dropouts, better graduation rates, and so many educated workers. THE WORLD’S FUTURE IS TODAY’S STUDENTS. Help the future by working hard and getting through high school.