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The World of Illusion

After I closed my eyes for a much needed rest; the world around me melted away, providing space for the inky blackness that comes briefly from moving between time and space. The dark shadows were broken and then shattered by the color and sounds of a new world being born. This world was perfectly flawed in all the right ways. The sky was a bright vibrant blue with ash-gray colored clouds that provides the feeling of incoming rain. The sun was running slowly across the sky, waiting and hoping to see the moon one last time. As I walked, the grass caressed my bare feet, it felt like walking on clouds, with their glowing green bodies. The trees were tall and in bloom. Animals ran everywhere- the birds were bright and singing, foxes were playing and running around-  and the forest shadowed and protected them, much like a parent would with their children. The only problem with this world is that it is an illusion of the one I left behind. Then I saw it. The tall gold glowing gates. Behind them was my family all waiting for me, the youngest and last  one, to join them. Everyone will go through the world of illusions before they are able to get to these gates. It’s sad but some do  get lost and never leave again.