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Life of a Freshman (Part 1)

I’m a freshman at Jamestown high school this year. My experience so far has been okay, I am Samantha but my friends call me Sam. My classes that I have are extra hard, but I can handle it. I’m a straight A student and my friends help me get through the tough experiences up until this point in school. As everyone knows, high school is the center of drama, it has been happening around us and with my gang of friends. We all are tired of the drama. My gang of friends from middle school is Millie, Jack, Kate, Aaron, Alec, Alexis, but we call them Alex, Travis, and Cheryl. The drama also reached my brother’s gang of friends that I have known since elementary school. ┬áTheir names are Noah, Liz, Kris, and Jessica, but I call them Jess, and Skylar. Most weekends me and my gang would have sleepovers at each others houses, but most of the time it is at my house. We just party all night long, play games, and have lots of fun. I can have them at my house cause my mom and dad are in heaven after an accident that no one knows but me and my brother Max. Max is a sophomore and we live together. He would be at his friends house partying, but he loves me and I love him with all my heart and we have a weird love connection. He let’s me have my fun because its important to him that I have fun in life before it goes out if reach. On the other hand, school is a pain in my side but I’ll get through it because of my brother and friends telling me, “Hold on and keep moving forward never look back.” The drama within and out of my gang is over the silliest things. Max and I knew Aaron when we were all little. Aaron has always been by my side during the drama within the gang. If someone hates me and starts something with me, Aaron trusts what I say about the situation, so he has stayed by me. Aaron is the greatest best friend anyone could have. ┬áHe knows all of my secrets, and I know all of his secrets. I trust him with them because I’ve known him longer than anyone else. I also know all of the girls’ secrets too.