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Not Just A Language

People who hear speak with their mouths and listen with their ears. People who are hard of hearing may have to wear hearing aids to help them hear, or maybe they have American Sign Language to help them throughout their life. Deaf people use their hands to speak and their eyes to understand what people are saying.  Some deaf people have to read lips to get by in this world and I think that is not fair. I believe more people who hear should learn ASL (American Sign Language).   When people who hear watch television they do not have to do anything except sit and listen. For deaf people on the other hand, they have to read subtitles, or watch a channel that has an interpreter provided. For deaf people ASL is not just a language. It is a culture and community. Without ASL, this world would be very different . Deaf people would not be able to communicate with people. They would have to read lips all day every day. The impact this language has on our world is so crazy. It is such a beautiful language, and to a lot of people this language is their life.