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Science Spotlight: White Holes

Black holes are known about throughout the world. They suck light into them which is what makes them black. The centers of black holes are known as a singularities. However in the world of SCIENCE, there is a theory of another kind of hole; the WHITE HOLE. White holes exert light and matter, and they have a very heavy gravity. It is a hypothetical region of SPACE AND TIME. Unlike black holes, which allow objects to enter from the outside and not escape from the inside; a white hole allows objects to escape from the inside and not be seen or entered from the outside. When astrophysics mathematically explore around black holes, they psychologically create white holes. However, white holes have no mass within the event horizon. The math suggests that white holes only exist if there is not a SPECK of matter. Although, this is just nothing but math scientists use to explore the massive BLACK HOLES in the universe.