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Marching Band

The marching band of 2017-2018 has done an exceptional job . They achieved many astounding titles this year. They went to Marching Competition Festival 2018 and came back in 8th place out of 27 bands, 4th place in guard and drum majors, and 5th place in percussion. They also had #1 drum major and percussion in class. Practice is non stop, but practice makes perfect. Each one of the marching band members makes a great effort to excel when game time arrives. They work from August through November. Each football game won is a win for the the marching band too. The hype is not only there from continuous touchdowns, but it is also a part of the music that creates a scene in your mind (and from the hype man Mr. Alberti.) It is a scene of excitement that gets your heart pumping. Our Evans High Marching Band of division 4A has received superior ratings for their superior work as a band. Our natural born leaders and musicians may still have a long way to go, but for now their work and efforts have made them into an impressive and successful band.