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Dias de los Muertos (Ofrenda) Family Testimonies

Jasmin: For a project in class, we had to make a little dedication for someone who left an impact on our life. For this project, I chose to write about my great grandmother although I knew her as grandma Anna. I remember her as a stubborn women in her nineties who didn’t like others helping her. She worked her whole life, and even in her eighties she worked at a daycare to give her something to do. She was the youngest and only girl in her family. Later on she had four children, but she was a mom to the entire “town”. She lived in a neighborhood in New Jersey, and she was known by all as grandma or mom. One thing every one mentions about her is that she had a beautiful smile. She was always there for my mom, and they talked with each other everyday. My mom always smiled as she talked to her. Then Grandma would talk to my sister and I, and no matter what she was doing at the time she would always make time for us regardless of how old she was getting. She was older by this time- in her nineties. Even when she was in the hospital, she acted like nothing was wrong and joked around with us. The moment we walked through the door, a smile appeared on her face, and she talked to us like we were at her house. She was special because she was always there for my mom and then for me, and she provided something to look forward to everyday- her phone calls could last a long time. Whenever she would talk to my mom, I could just see how happy she was and that made me even happier and excited to see her again.

Laethon: My report was about my cousin. Instead of detailing the entire essay, I’ll write it, untranslated in order to keep the feel and order of the essay in a proper flow.

“Ella Kate Bumgardner nació el primero de marzo de 2006. Estuvo mi prima. Ella tenía una familia grande, ella tenia dos hermanas, un hermano, sus padres, in perro, y sus abuelos y primos. Ella vivía en muchos lugares. Primero, ella vivió en Tennessee por tres años. Entonces, ella se familia vino hace dos años.