A Project for Better Journalism chapter

Fantasy World

As I stare into space I see a world

A world where everything is beautiful

A place where there is no judgement

People do not look down on others

People do not feel left out

There is no drama

Young girls do not cry over being picked on

Boys do not feel the need to over power one another


As I drift out of my day dream I realize the real world is the exact opposite

The real world is a hideous place

Everywhere you look there is judgement

The so called “popular” clan looks down on the outcasts

The outcasts are picked last

People are more worried about their social status

In the real world you are either a somebody or a nobody

There is no in between


Young girls have to be cheerleaders in order to be considered pretty

Boys have to be a jock to be attractive

If you make good grades you are considered a nerd

If you make bad grades you are considered lazy

This world is truly an ugly place


Maybe the more popular group of students should interact with less popular people

Maybe the geeks and nerd should stop being picked on for being smart

Maybe the outcasts should be invited to things

This world is a dangerous place to live in

The only way to make it different is to make it different by your point of view