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Life of a Freshman: Hang with Aaron (Part 2)

I saw Aaron, so I went to him before I said anything. Aaron asked me “Hey do you want to come over later and have a movie night?” “Sure I would love too. Are the others coming this time?” every Friday night we have a movie night and sometimes the whole gang comes. “No they can’t” “Oh okay” “Great I can’t wait!” Aaron said. He told me to meet him outside the school. He walked up to me “Are you ready?” I said “Yes”. We walked to his house, his house is near mine so, we walked together after school everyday, we got to his house, we walked in, and started to get ready for the night. He started laughing at me out of no where “What’s ┬áso funny?” I asked and he said “Oh nothing Sam” then he had a smirk on his face. “Okay whatever you say by the way you look really stupid right now” he looked at me and said “No I don’t you do!” “But you are the one who looks weird not me, I look beautiful”. In Aaron’s mind he said you do look beautiful-wait what are you thinking Aaron she’s your best friend she wouldn’t like you that way, he came back and said “No I don’t Sam!” “Okay sorry Aaron I was just playing with you” I said while giggling “I hate you” he said with a pouting face “Nah you love me”. That’s true I do love you but I know you don’t love me in the same way. In Sam’s mind I really do love you Aaron we’ve known each other since we were little and I know you don’t love me the same way I do so I can never tell you that I fell for you. Then we started the movie night, we watched scary movies. When a scary monster thing popped out I screamed “AHHH!” I went closer to Aaron and buried my face into his arm, he said “The jump scare is over Sam” I looked back and I screamed again “AHHH AARON DON’T DO THAT!”