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Star Wars Civil War Pt. 2

Starting now, the next few entries will be a backstory on how the main character got to this point. Some events will be from the cartoon network TV series Star Wars The Clone Wars. I am trying to make this seem as realistic and true to the lore as possible. As of now, I will be taking suggestions for the characters names.  Post your opinion in the comments below.



My Journal: Entry 2

During the occupation of Mandalore by Darth Maul, Satine was slaughtered. At the time, I was part of a small resistance group trying to save the duchess and the master Jedi. Apparently some mandalores joined sides with Maul, and that was a sad day. I had to fight my own comrades. During a confrontation, I faced down my own commanding officer. He was a very good soldier, and due to the honor among us we had a one on one fight to the death. It was a long battle. We had almost exhausted our energy. However, as I was young and he was old, I had the upper hand. I killed him. I told my men to give him an honorable burial as I was heading to the palace to rescue the duchess. When I got there, no one was in the throne room, but I saw a body laying there on the floor. I ran up to see who it was, and to my dismay it was Satine’s. I saw her long blonde hair laying around her head as a pool of crimson red blood was flowing out from her body. I sat there for what felt like ages, until the rest of the resistance came. As we all stood there, I heard a noise coming from outside. It was Maul and Savage fighting a hooded figure. The hooded figure was using two red lightsabers. I decided to leave them and look for the darksaber in hopes of reuniting mandalore. I couldn’t find it. Then the blast happened, and I heard the screaming of Darth Maul. The uprising began.