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Life Experiences: Part 1

This is a short series that I am writing about the things I notice in everyday life. The writing may seem kind of vague and may be hard to follow, but that is because it is open for interpretation and I will offer an explanation in the next part.

Red, green, and blue are the first colors to greet the moment I open my eyes. Everything begins to brighten the bleak world around me. I would much rather stay here with these lights much safer than my friends to keep me company. Before I know it the sun breaks away the haze I’ve fallen into. So I get up from my warm nest to fight the cold on the way to my next big challenge. I get in line behind all the others trudging along to beat our greatest trial of our lives we only think that because its all we know, have no idea what happens after, we don’t know the real struggle. Once again I follow the line of bodies through the door that has held us for our entire life, more than our parents have.