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Flower of Love

I’m Courtney, and I’m writing about the fact that it’s alright to be single on Valentines Day. Sometimes you even get really lucky on that day. Love is strong and painful, but people survive. On the day of love it is alright to not have a loved one. You have your friends beside you to get through everything together.

Valentine’s Day does give every body the chance of discovering love. For now, I’m going to tell you about my experience this special Valentine’s Day. 

February 14th, 2018

My favorite flower is a carnation. I feel like it spreads love around. I see many people getting flowers from the ones they love, and then there’s me. No boy will get me a flower because no boy has a crush on me. My friends of course love me, but I have no boy that likes me. I walked from class to class, and then during lunch I got a flower from a girl. She said “Courtney Smith?” “Yes?” I said “This is for you” She handed me the flower.  The flower was a carnation and it had a note saying “Will you go out with me if you find out who I am?” then all my friends said “Oooo, Courtney got a boyfriend” I blushed, but I was trying to find out who would send this. I know that no boys have a crush on me. Lunch was over, so I went to class. There was a note on my desk saying “Here’s a hint, you’ve known me since we were two. I have one class with you, and I have lived near you for a long time” I thought and someone came to mind, but would he actually get me this, would he? The last bell rung. I tried to find him, but I didn’t. Instead, I texted him, “Where are you? I need to ask a question.” He replied with, “Meet me outside in the school garden” I walked to the garden to him standing there looking at the carnations. “Hey” I said to get his attention “Hey” he said. I walked over and asked “Did you give me this flower?” I showed him the flower, “Yes, I did” he said stepping closer to me “Why?” I said. He replied with “What? Can’t I give the girl I like a flower for the special day?” I froze. I replayed what he said. I repeated, “You like me?” in confusion. “Yes I do. I have liked you for a while, but I never got the courage to say it. Are you nervous?” “Yes, and I don’t want us to lose our friendship” “I see well, I like you too, and I know that we will be friends forever” I said to reassure him “Good” he said and he kissed me. I actually had someone who liked me. I found someone who loved me for me. I actually like Valentine’s Day for one year.