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“I’ll Be Seeing You” Concert

On Thursday March 8th at 7 p.m. in the auditorium, the Evans High School choral department will be performing its Winter Concert called “I’ll Be Seeing You” which features many songs from the World War II era that honor our nation’s military forces.  The choral department has been hard at work while preparing for this performance, and this concert has come with a new special addition to its program.  The Evans High School choirs and The Augusta Richmond County Historical Society (ARCHS) have worked together to honor many of the veterans who served their country while fighting in World War II.

The Augusta Richmond County Historical Society is a part of the national Veteran’s History Project, and as a result of participating in this project the ARCHS wrote a book that compiles the work of over eight hundred interviews with people in the Augusta area.  This book is called In Their Own Words: Augusta and Aiken Area Veterans Remember World War II.  During this upcoming concert, Evans High School has the honor of presenting some video interviews from these brave soldiers that were collected by the Veteran’s History Project while also having the privilege of having four heroic World War II veterans in attendance to this concert.  The veterans in attendance include: Richard Kraig, Paul Harless, Jack Kendall, and George Waddell.

This concert aims to send a message from our generation to the generation of brave soldiers and protectors of our country.  We thank you for your service.  Without your sacrifice we would not be able to live and grow in this country that was won for freedom in your footsteps, in your trials, and in your service.  You will never be forgotten, and your testimony will live on in our lives as we strive to grow our nation on the strong foundation of “America, the beautiful” that you have planted.