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The Letter of Strength

I’m writing about how losing someone can be hard, but they want you to be strong for them. You can be strong and brave. Stay with the people that are always there for you. Stay by their side even if they are not there physically. They can watch over you from far away or close by.

Sarah was walking home from school, and once I walked in the door I saw that mom was on the phone crying. I asked “What’s wrong mom?” She got off the phone, looked at me and said “Nothing sweetie, how was your day?” “It was good, but I know your are lying” “Its nothing”, so I went to my room and did my homework. My dad texted me saying “I have something to tell you Sarah” “What is it?”, I asked “Your grandmother has cancer” when he sent that I just froze. That’s why mom was crying. Grandma or the hospital called her and told her that she has cancer.  I text back “How do you know?” he replied “I found out two days ago” “Well is she ok?!” I asked worried. “Yes she’s fine” “Ok, when can I go see her” “I don’t know yet” “Ok” I cried that my grandmother had something that could take her away from me forever. I couldn’t sleep, so I woke up to see mom and dad in the kitchen talking. “Get dressed Sarah” my mom said. “Why?” I asked “We are going to visit grandma” my dad said, and I raced upstairs. Once we got to her hospital room, I ran and hugged her tight. “Sarah, my dear” “Grandma!” We talked for a while. My mom and dad were asking the doctor some questions. I guess that I didn’t really pay attention because I was with grandma. While grandma was talking, she stopped breathing and started to convulse, so I yelled for doctors and nurses to come help. They got there. While they were trying to save her my mom pulled me out of the room. I was crying thinking that she was being taken away from me and that I was going to lose her.  An hour later, the doctors came out and told us that she didn’t make it. My heart ached. Then one of the doctors handed me a note saying, “This was from her to you” I grabbed it and read it. It said:

Dear Sarah,
I know I don’t have much time to live in this world anymore, but I want to tell you that I love you with all my heart. It’s time for me to leave and go to a beautiful world. I want you to stay strong for me ok? I know that you are a strong and brave girl and nothing can hold you back. I’m sorry that I had to leave you so soon, but it is my time. Tell your parents that I love them so much. Have fun at school dear. I hope the rest of your high school years will be filled with joy and cheer. Maybe you will get a boyfriend. It would be nice for you to have someone that close to you that loves you for you as I always will. Love Grandma”

I cried so hard that I couldn’t see the note anymore. I was so heart broken that she had left me forever. I’m going to stay strong and brave for myself and for her. Ever since the day I got her note, I’ve been stronger than ever before. If bullies tried to bully me, they would leave me alone afterwards, and if I fall I get right back up. In the tenth grade year, I got a boyfriend by being strong brave for myself. Every night before I go to bed, I read her note like a bedtime story.