A Project for Better Journalism chapter


I’m writing about emotions that can affect lives in a negative way. The emotion I’m talking about is anger. Anger can make people make the worst decisions and hurt others on purpose or by accident. The people won’t realize it until after it happens.

There are people in the world that have huge anger issues. They can get mad at the littlest things. Something that annoys them even a little bit it can set them off. If they are so mad that when they are at home they can punch the wall. They may think it a good idea, but it really isn’t. It can hurt you and you shouldn’t do that. People can get this issue treated. They can get help from doctors, friends, and family. Sometimes the treatment doesn’t work and they have to be isolated from people or the world. I have some anger issues, I try to keep it together and it works. I breathe in and out slowly to calm my nerves. I splash water on my face since it was getting red and hot. I sometimes punch the wall to release stress, and anger. I don’t punch it hard, but sometimes I do and I have to put an ice pack on my knuckles. In the end, don’t hurt yourself or others. Control your anger, if its hard get help because I know that your friends would love to help.