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I Watch

This is Jasmin. This is a piece that I started near the beginning of school that I recently finished. It really references the growing dependency everyone has, not just teenagers though they are the most mentioned for technological dependency.

Everyday I sit here and I watch. I watch as my friends sit in the back with a pack in hand and their heads in the clouds. Then I turn and look at the same group run around and waste their life. The only thought running through my head is I don’t want to end up like them.

I walk away with my eyes on the ground to actually see the world around me. I take a second to look to my left and see a couple both looking down at their phones like the other doesn’t even exist. The same is happening on my right with a child looking for their phone instead of their mother. I hear a yell from behind and turn to see a group of adults who have just learned the addictive joy of virtually fighting each other.

I turn back to the front and look down at my hands wondering if I should just plug my ears and erase the world the same as everyone else around me. Then I put it away to return to my surroundings just in time to lock eyes with the only other person not connected to the life draining drug in there hands. It felt like we were in our own world, and we were, there was no one else who would notice if we just walked away and never came back.

I was the one who turned away first, afraid of the reason why he wasn’t like everyone else. If they aren’t connected with wires running to their head, then who knows what they are thinking. Sometimes I think I am to paranoid, after all they could be just normal people taking a  break and actually living. Then again they can be someone looking for a way out but all they see is the back of someones head as they walk along like they don’t even exist. But the moment someone stops to help, they realize that they have been connected for so long that they don’t know what its like to actually feel anymore. So they go right back to get rid of the feeling of being disconnected, being alone without a net to keep them safe.