A Project for Better Journalism chapter


I’m bored. I’m writing this just because life permits me. And I believe the brain is a random topic to talk about, more importantly cloning.

Life as a whole is a mysterious entity. Many aspects are unknown to humankind. We don’t know how the brain works, how muscles work, or how emotions work. In any work of trying to make a clone, these are the issues brought up. We can make an entity that looks someone else, but trying to make them speak the same or act the same, is scientifically flawed. With current science it is impossible. However, there are games and TV shows that shows what happens if our technology is that advance to make a perfect clone, For example, in Star Wars, the clone troopers are identical clones who look alike and speak similarly, and in the game Fallout, they have enemies known as the institute and they can make robots called synths who developed a consciousness and can think for oneself. In many cases, people have theories on how to make a perfect clone, but in all cases, the problem arises with the brain. The brain is made up of a matter called gray matter, which is ultimately unknown. We as mankind do not understand gray matter and how it is formed.