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Star Wars Civil War pt.3

The star wars universe is a totally fictional world. All the events are not true but do take on the appearance of real-world events. None of the topics are just made up, not true.


Journal Entry: part 3
When the explosions started going off, the rest of the guards came running and found me. I told them to leave Satine’s body and leave it for the official ceremony. I went to go back outside to see the damage when I spotted the Jedi master. He was flying with some deathwatch, and then I realize Satine’s sister was leading the uprising. As I standing there, some of Maul’s men came busting in and started to attack my men. It was an all-out battle in the throne room. I decided to leave the balcony, but not before seeing the darksaber, laying next to Maul. I told Grum-Da, to go get the saber as I went to help the others fend off against maul’s men. It was 15 of us against 28 of them. It was an easy fight, Maul’s men had no training and worse weaponry than us. Dena-Tu and Rona-Vizsla fought hard and I decided to promote them to a higher rank. We lost Fro-Da, Dre-Ga, and Huz-Ku due to a fallen pillar from an explosion outside the throne room. We fended them and then we met back up with Grum-Da and went to find Satine’s sister. We found her and followed her to the ships, she told me to go to get Satine’s body. I went to go get it, but as I was outside the main door, the building fell on me. I was buried underneath it.