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Finally Saved

I’m Courtney, and I’m writing about when people get depression to show that life will get better. So that they don’t end their life before something big and great happens. You have a purpose to live, that is why we live. Use it wisely, and please don’t give it up. You have important people in your life that care about you, and they don’t want you leave. Yes, thoughts fill up in your head, but don’t listen to them. You are strong and brave for everyone around you and for yourself.

When you are sad do you get the feeling that no one likes you? Do you ever feel like you don’t belong when you don’t think anyone will ever love you? A lot of people feel this way when something upsets them. They start to think bad things that can end badly for themselves. The friends of that person then find out and try to help, but they can’t fix a broken heart. The person that broke it has to be the one to fix it. She is not being herself, not talking, isolating herself from everyone, and starts to harm herself. No one sees and knows until she tells her friends. The friends are worried about her, but they just don’t know how to help. He who broke the heart talks to her. She starts to feel better, but he ask if he can get help to get with someone else. She broke down in the bathroom after talking to him. Someone was banging on the door. She opened to see her friend crying. Her friend hugged her tight. They walked out to see him standing there with his arms open for a hug. She hugged him tight and started to cry. They walked home together. They talked and talked, then he told her he loved her. He only asked so he can ask her out. She was shocked, and she said yes. She was finally happy for once in her life.