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Knights Vs Templars

In history, knights and Templars fight for glory and honor. But what are they? Are they different? What were their main goals as an order?

Templars were known as Knights Templar, but they were ultimately Holy Warriors. They fought for the glory of go and the mindset to wipe out evil. Templars were among the greatest fighters known during the crusades. They protected the holy land against bandits and any who try to disgrace God. Templars had a three tier rank system: noble knights, non-noble sergeants, and chaplains. Templars usually fight on the ground while knight usually fight on horseback. Knights¬†is a term refer to a warrior or noble whose shown great feats in battle. Now a days, knights are just regular people who’ve been given recognition from royalty. knights only had one tier rank. Templars and knights had a code among codes that should never be broken, THE CHILVARY CODE. Knights had a rigorous training program; they had to become pages than squires and if they are lucky, they become knights. People could just join the ranks of the Templars, but they would be non-combatants. They would eventually become Templars who would join the fight and fight. The Templar order’s non-combatants would be in charge of the economic situations for the order. they developed an early banking system. Knights on the other hand were just fighters and nothing else. The knights fight on the battlefield, drink off the battlefields. Both Templars and Knights were consider role models to kids and everyone wanted to be one.