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Star Wars Civil War Pt.6

Star wars is very popular with many theories and lore. Some people have theories, but this story is not a theory nor lore. I make this to entertain my audience, and give hope to others when they are in darkness.


The rebuilding of Mandalore is top priority. I decided to try to distance myself and seal off the feelings and memories I had of Nova. As we were at the war table, she kept looking at me, I tried not to meet her gaze. When it ended, I quickly escaped to meet up with Jell-E, and we went on our patrol of area 74, the ruins of the castle. We needed supplies and had hoped the secret stash was still there. Right before we left the base camp, I looked back and saw her looking around, then she saw me and started walking towards me. I signaled one of the guards to take the duchess to her tent and secure her. I didn’t see what happened afterwards, I had turned back around and continued with Jell-E. We scavenged through the ruins and luckily the door to the bunker was still intact. We opened it up and found survivors; they thanked us for helping them and we pointed to the camp where everyone is. We called for an escort to meet up with them. When we entered, something hit me on the back of the neck. I blacked out.