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Star Wars Civil War Pt.8

Star wars is very popular with many theories and lore. Some people have theories, but this story is not a theory nor lore. I make this to entertain my audience, and give hope to others when they are in darkness.



I woke up. There was no one around. I was in a cell full of concrete and no windows. I heard wind, so I must be up high. It was freezing cold but at the same time burning hot. I have no idea where I was or what was happening. I looked around and found a weapon and a note. The note said:

“A cave is just a passage unknown, Find a bat that leads to the sea.

And then you will find a beetle that travels by air, And there you will find what is found.”

A riddle, in a place like this, who thinks of this. I kept looking and there was a chair, a wooden table, a rug and a photo. But the photo was of someone I didn’t know, a woman in a cloak. She was looking at the chair. I decided to look at the rug and it was clean, abnormally cleaned. I moved it, and there was dust around it leaving a circle of cleanliness. I am stuck, and this riddle makes no sense. I will never this place and see my brethren nor Nova.