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Star Wars Civil War Pt.9

Star wars is very popular with many theories and lore. Some people have theories, but this story is not a theory nor lore. I make this to entertain my audience, and give hope to others when they are in darkness.


It feels like forever I’ve been stuck in this room. All the while, Nova and the rest of the mandalores are probably rebuilding mandalore. I wish I would be there with them, with her. This riddle is going to be the death of me, and I wanted my last moments with Nova. Than as soon as I was just about to be in depression, I thought of the riddle in a different perspective, and then it hit me, literally a rock hit me. I looked up and saw a hole. I looked around the room and moved the chair to take a closer look. And then I heard a noise. It was the sound of wind, and I realized it was the tunnel the riddle spoke of. I dug a bigger hole and got through. However, it led to a bigger cavern and nothing else. I stumbled on a rock and it went flying and the sound bounced off every wall but one. I followed where the sound didn’t bounce off and found a small crack in the wall. I peered through it and found what looked like water. I started to break through, but the walls started to rumble. I stopped and looked around. Then I went back to the room and grabbed everything in it to try to stabilize the walls. I started hacking at the wall again, and it worked I got through and the walls didn’t come down. Now I’m looking out over a vast piece of water and saw moving light across the way.  heard shouting but couldn’t make it out. I looked around and saw, to my eyes, a jetpack. I grabbed it, but it was snug on something. However, I couldn’t tell what it was. the shouting got louder, and the lights started to move towards me. I hid.