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ID Badges: Are They Necessary? Part 1

Tragedies across the nation have been happening in schools, mainly shootings. The incredible and horrible loss of so many students and teachers has brought more safety precautions. This school year at Evans and across Columbia County, identification badge policies were put in place. Students and faculty are now mandated to wear these badges everyday with their name and picture clearly seen. This ID policy was put in place for safety, but many people have opinions about them  – some are positive but more are negative.

These unfavorable responses mostly came from students. Earlier today, students at Evans were asked how they felt about wearing IDs, and many of the responses were similar. Students said that the IDs seemed unnecessary, aggravating, costly, and wouldn’t work well for security. The cost of the ID for students is one dollar for a temporary replacement, and five dollars to permanently replace one. Students here at Evans think that the money spent for replacements waste money and cost too much for just one day. They are also interested to find out where exactly these funds go.