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ID Badges: Are they Necessary? Part 3

Students were not just the only ones to voice their feelings on the topic.  A few administrators voiced how they felt. Unlike the students, the teachers and faculty talked about how this is the world we live in: ID’s won’t just have to be worn at school, but in the business world. Another thing an administration said was they were great, and they would help students and eventually could be used for things like paying for lunches.

The ever changing world is altering how things are ran in schools and in society. Nowadays, ID cards are in the workplace, schools, and at Evans High School. Students mostly have negative feelings about the use of  the ID card. The administration, though, feels that they are necessary, beneficial and can be helpful in life at school. Even with all these feelings, the identification cards are still in effect, but students are still wondering: are ID cards really necessary?