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The Issue with America’s Current Federal Government Part 2

With a background established we can go into what Senator Sasse is trying to express. Sasse is saying that in the past century, the politicians in the Legislative branch have gotten lazy with their duties and have traded the importance of their job with trying to serve as long as possible. The politicians continue to give power away to the executive and judicial branches. This can be seen by the countless number of agencies administrated by the executive branch and the more and more people protesting in front of the Supreme Court for them to change issues. These agencies are very high in corruption because the bureaucrats in them are not elected by the people and the regulations they create are not decided by the people’s vote. This means that these department heads can create laws that the people have no say in even though the laws can greatly affect their lives.

The agencies having power to control the public with no representation causes for lobbyist, or people who are not looking to benefit the public but rather benefit themselves, to gain power and influence. One famous example of a lobbyist being able to gain power comes in the form of the agricultural industry. Often, the heads of certain food and agricultural companies obtain jobs working in agencies that regulate the industries. The lobbyists will turn away from protecting the people of the United States and focus on increasing wealth for the companies they previously work for and hold business in. This can be very harmful to the safety of the American people because agencies might deter from laws that protect the people to advance their companies interests.