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The Issue with America’s Current Federal Government Part 3

Finally, Sasse talks about the Supreme Court, the position in which Brett Kavanaugh is trying to obtain. He says that the Supreme Court justices should not play politics and put their opinion into court decisions. Sasse says, “the question before us is whether or not he has the temperament and the character to take his policy views and political preferences and put it in a box marked ‘irrelevant’ and set it aside when he puts on the black robe.” Sasse is trying to say that many judges put their political beliefs in their work, when their main job is to uphold the law of the constitution. Justices should not decide decisions based on opinions, but rather if it supports or does not support the Constitution.

All in all, the American way of central government is flawed, but not impossible to fix. The Federal government must return to its original state when drafted by the founding fathers, so it can properly represent the citizens of the country. Right now, the people of the greatest force of democracy and self-government are not being heard and are continuing to be pushed around like pawns on a chess board. Sasse ends with saying, “if the voters are going to retain their power, they need a legislature that is responsive to politics.”