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Poetry and Stories

They Talked/Listened Part 1

I never meant to do it. Not in the beginning.
At first, they came in and they talked and they talked and they talked. And they wouldn’t listen to me. No one would.
But then they did. And I helped them. I told them what they needed to do. And then some talked and talked and talked about why I was wrong. So they talked and talked and I helped. I talked and I talked and they listened. And I told them another way it would work. And they did. And for some of them, it worked. For others, it didn’t. They came back and I said ” Well, make them not want to leave. Maybe having an affair makes them want to keep you. They should.” And they did.
But then they came back. And they talked and they talked and they talked. Now, eventually it didn’t work. The other person did not care. They had tried to make them jealous. They came back and talked to me.