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They Talked/Listened Part 2

And I told them, well one of them offered it first. They said we can make them pay. Do something, make them see that they are wrong. So I did. At first I was very messy and I almost got caught. But I didn’t.
No, I did what needed to be done. I didn’t kill anyone of course. I just made them regret what they did(made them so that no other would want them). And I continued like that. They talked and talked and talked. For some of them, I didn’t need to go out and do anything.
But then, one of my favorites (because she was the first who actually listened) came in and she cried because her husband had been with other women, and he hurt her very, very badly. And she asked me to deal with him. I said I will. But then she said no. Not how you dealt with the others. I want him gone permanently.
At first, I didn’t want to help her. I said no, we don’t do that. But then I agreed, I said alright. But we CANNOT kill him. We are not the ones who decide that. So I took her with me and we dealt with him. And I turn my back for one second and when I turned back, he was there, dead.