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Distant relationships

Distant relationships are not that fun. They always end maybe in a few weeks or a month at the least. (I say this since I’m in one myself but let’s not talk about that.) Distant relationships would work if you stay committed but sometimes that’s hard when you can’t hang out with the person and do the cheesy couple things. You wouldn’t be able to hold hands, kiss, cuddle, go on dates, go to the movies together, go to the park, or even go to the same school. It sucks being in one but if you really love the person you will stay committed and maybe you’ll meet in person. I’m not saying to be in one because that’s not a good idea but maybe if your in one and you feel like you can’t take it anymore just stay positive most of the time the distant relationships work out, and half the time they don’t and some people hate it or they like it. It’s okay to be in one though, you get to meet someone great in a different state or is a drive away but it sucks that you can’t be beside them. I’m saying all this because I have experience with distant relationships, all I had was distance. Everyone is probably going to say “that’s stupid or get someone at school,” well it’s hard for me but i don’t care I found someone great and we are doing awesome, even though we haven’t hung out we will because we both believe we will meet and hang out together at the park, movies, each other’s houses to watch Netflix or whatever. If you have faith I believe it will happen and your relationship will go on but they aren’t always great. So in the end distance sucks but at least you met someone great if the break up was on good terms if not then you wasted your time just like I did with my last two.