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Where Have We Gone?

Note: This is a poem that reflects the world in some people’s eyes. It is not intended to be factual or represent everyone. It is meant to showcase my thoughts and feelings and hope some can relate.



Where Have We Gone?


It’s that time to live and let live

go and let go 

search dont be searched

find urself


love and let others love 

know the unknown 

give who needs to be given 

trust urself


its a wild world

we’re stuck in our own worlds

so much despair

wanna find the love


some people want me dead

say im crazy, out of my head

can the light be what we share 

rise above


madness, insanity

bitter integrity 

cant seem to depend on others

its eating me inside


silent and broken

the light is being stolen

can we stand together 

at least shine on the outside