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Mrs. Kelly


Ms. Kelly is a wonderful lady who has been apart of our EHS staff since March of 2018. She is a kind women who is lead by her faith. One of her catchphrases is “some people are just born to serve.” She likes talking to people and believes that respect comes from all ages. Her biggest pet peeve is cleaning the bathroom but she does say that cleaning the lunchroom is not hard to clean as there are certain tasks for each person. Along with those jobs, there are rotations to clean around the school. She worked at MCG for 10 years before coming to Evans. The reason she moved was because she wanted to be closer to her children. She has 4 kids and 8 grand kids, with the youngest being around a month and the oldest is 17. When she arrived to Evans, she was very thankful for the welcoming atmosphere and said that her faith was what drove her to do and accomplish everything that she has.