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Student Spotlight: Lydia Rouse

Lydia Rouse is a senior along with being the President of the senior student council. There are many reason she decided to accept the position and she has mentioned a few of them to me. One such reason was that it would look good on her college resume, and because of her interest in government things. Lydia has only been on the junior and senior council. Originally she was excited to just be the Vice President but was excited, and a little scared, to now be the President. Her job is to design the games that students play during the spirit weeks in the cafeteria, set up the decorations and pay for them, and take the attendance. She is in the middle of planning principal challenge. This challenge would be completed over some months, where the school would raise money and at each goal of money that is raised means that the students will be able to make the principal do something. Lydia encourages others to join student council as they will be able to make a change, it will look good on your resume, and you can have a say in senior day and week. One thing she would like to tell the everyone is to take charge, make this year your own, join student council, and to meet many people in order to be more connected with students and teachers.