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“I’ll Be Seeing You” Concert

March 7, 2018 2:17am | Laura Martin

On Thursday March 8th at 7 p.m. in the auditorium, the Evans High School choral department will be performing its Winter Concert called “I’ll Be Seeing You” which features many songs from the World War II era that honor our nation’s military forces.  The choral […]

What is Friedreich’s Ataxia?

February 20, 2018 11:19pm | Laethon Bumgardner

You may be wondering based on the title, “Yeah, what is Friedreich’s Ataxia?” Well, it is a simple answer about a very complex and difficult problem. Friedreich’s Ataxia (Well known as FA) is a genetic disorder that is very rare in many cases. It is […]

Valentine’s Day Dance

February 20, 2018 10:35pm | Anonymous

On February the 9th, we had a Valentine’s Day Dance. It was nicely decorated and beautiful. They had a setup for pictures to be taken. All the tables and a glass bowl were full of little golden orbs and lots and lots of petals. They […]

Net Neutrality: A Ticking Timebomb

December 14, 2017 10:45pm | Brionna Law

Imagine that you’re about to go on YouTube to look and see if your favorite YouTuber has uploaded anything when you get a message along the lines of this: “We’re sorry this content isn’t available because you haven’t paid your entertainment pack fee. Once you […]

Worth of the World

November 1, 2017 7:28pm | Capri Jones

I’m sitting here in my hospital bed. Reading a book my mother gave me a decade go. That time when I knew nothing of others’ sorrows. I was rebellious and drove everyone away. Looking back at my younger years I wish I had been more like […]

The World of Illusion

October 10, 2017 7:33pm | Jasmin Mitchell

After I closed my eyes for a much needed rest; the world around me melted away, providing space for the inky blackness that comes briefly from moving between time and space. The dark shadows were broken and then shattered by the color and sounds of a new world being born. This world was […]

Solar and Lunar Eclipse History and Science

October 10, 2017 6:06pm | Madyson Bailey, Kristian Hewitt

History: Eclipses, both lunar and solar, have been going on as long as the Earth has been around and we didn’t always know as much about them as we do now. Ancient civilizations had many stories to explain the eclipses and warn of what they […]


October 10, 2017 5:41pm | Brionna Law

Music   Adventure for your mind and ears Begs you to sing along Calms you in the darkest of times Drifts you from the scary world Excites and energizes you Finds you when you’re lost Grounds you when you’re wandering Heals you when you’re broken […]

The Story Behind Bilingual Education and Colleges’ Opinion

October 10, 2017 5:27pm | Kristian Hewitt

School systems offer bilingual education. Students who don’t speak another language get a chance to know another language. However, foreign students are being indirectly led to stray from their origin’s language and more towards English in our society. Colleges started accepting students that took a foreign language, […]