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This section of the paper includes many opinions and thoughts from a teenage perspective at Evans High School.

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Valentine’s Day

February 20, 2018 10:35pm | Capri Jones

Comedic/ Emotional Time to talk  about this lonely, lonely day. Except if you have a boyfriend or girlfriend, if so, congrats to you. *cries in the corner* It’s hard for some people to live this day without being jealous of other couples.  If you are […]

Star Wars Civil War Pt. 2

February 7, 2018 8:44pm | Anonymous

Starting now, the next few entries will be a backstory on how the main character got to this point. Some events will be from the cartoon network TV series Star Wars The Clone Wars. I am trying to make this seem as realistic and true to […]

Star Wars Civil War: Part 1

February 7, 2018 8:23pm | Anonymous

Star Wars is made by Lucasfilms. It is a fictional universe with a lot of lore. This is a fan made story of a soldier of Mandalore, a planet in Star Wars known for a group of ruthless mercenaries and the start of the clone […]

How to Make being Single Good?

December 14, 2017 10:43pm | Kristian Hewitt

Being single has disadvantages and advantages. First of all the disadvantages: are possibly being lonely, having a sad life, and possibly a life of crime. However being single comes with freedom, safety from stress, and ironically more MONEY. Instead of focusing on love, someone can […]

Worth of the World

November 1, 2017 7:28pm | Capri Jones

I’m sitting here in my hospital bed. Reading a book my mother gave me a decade go. That time when I knew nothing of others’ sorrows. I was rebellious and drove everyone away. Looking back at my younger years I wish I had been more like […]

Not Just A Language

October 30, 2017 11:37pm | Kaylee Campbell

People who hear speak with their mouths and listen with their ears. People who are hard of hearing may have to wear hearing aids to help them hear, or maybe they have American Sign Language to help them throughout their life. Deaf people use their […]

Science Spotlight: White Holes

October 30, 2017 11:35pm | Kristian Hewitt

Black holes are known about throughout the world. They suck light into them which is what makes them black. The centers of black holes are known as a singularities. However in the world of SCIENCE, there is a theory of another kind of hole; the […]